Common Questions

Legacy Gardens of Bristol

What is included in the monthly cost?

Room rent, utilities (except cable and phone) three meals daily and snacks and a moderate amount of care (8 points).

What other things will I billed for by Legacy Gardens?

Care fees over 8 points as determined by the nursing assessment. This assessment is done initially before a resident moves to Legacy Gardens, then again 30 days later. After that, assessments are done quarterly. Families are given 30 days notice of any change in rent or care fees.

Will we receive any other bills?

Not from Legacy Gardens. The pharmacy bills come from the pharmacy. The beautician, if her services are used, does her own billing. If a resident chooses to have a phone in their room, a bill would come from Verizon. Comcast will bill for cable if it is set up for the resident.

Does Legacy Gardens offer an activity program for the residents?

Yes. A calendar is posted every month for our residents and families to see and plan to attend. Arts and Crafts, Bingo, Trivia, cards, Board Games, Exercise, Prayer Group, Sing a Longs, Walking Club, Entertainment, parties and word games are some of the activities offered.

Are there risks involved in living at Legacy Gardens?

The same risks that a person faces living independently are present at Legacy Gardens. For instance, if a person has fallen at home, they could also fall at Legacy Gardens. While we take every precaution to prevent falls-we have guard rails in our hallways and bathrooms. We have a safety committee watching for potential hazards. We have a Falls Program in place for residents who are determined to be at a higher risk for falls. The difference is at Legacy Gardens, there are care staff here 24 hours a day to assist a resident and to keep watch so that if a person falls, they will not remain helpless for extended periods of time.

What are the visiting hours at Legacy Gardens?

Families and friends are welcome at Legacy Gardens at anytime. Also, our residents are free to go anywhere with their families, we only ask that they sign out and in so that staff knows who is in or out of the building at any given time.

What if we wanted to take Mom or Dad on a vacation or overnight stay?

Again, this is fine. If the stay will be extended, we ask for notice so that the pharmacy can prepare enough medications for the person to take with them.

Can a resident keep the physician they have had for years or must they switch to a physician who comes to Legacy Gardens?

While we do have physicians who will see residents here at Legacy Gardens, any resident is free to see any physician of their choice. Since Legacy Gardens does not provide transportation to Doctors offices, this would need to be arranged by the family. Legacy Gardens currently has a gerontologist, audiologist, dentist, eye doctor and foot doctors who will come to our residence to provide services.

What if a resident needs additional services such as physical therapy, can this be provided at Legacy Gardens?

Yes, if a resident’s doctor orders additional services, such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy or even psychological services for depression or behavioral changes, our nurse will arrange for those services to come to Legacy Gardens.

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